Helsinki Evo-Devo community

Jernvall lab

Research using the tooth model

Jukka Jernvall

Develop the use of mammalian dentition as a model system in biological research; and to address questions such as what is the role of development in shaping evolutionary diversity, how to approximate the environment and foods of extinct species, how aging affects wild primates, and what are the genetic underpinnings in dental variation.


NOW laboratory

Mikael Fortelius

- Many of the current macroevolutionary projects are a collaboration with this Neogene of the Old World (NOW) database project.


Embryonic Organ development

Irma Thesleff

- Research on the mechanisms that regulate the formation of ectodermal organs, including teeth, hairs and glands.


Developmental genetics of turtle shell development

Scott Gilbert

- We are interested in how do the scutes of the turtle shell form and grow, and how is this development related to the formation and growth of structures such as hair, feathers and teeth.


Research on microbes and morphology

Juha Laakkonen

- Research on microbes and morphology - collaboration on parasite diversity of lemurs and macroscopic anatomy of mammals

Other collaborators


Greg Wilson

Assistant Professor of Biology
Adjunct Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture
University of Washington


Research in Madagascar

Patricia C. Wright

- Information on primate conservation and diversity in Madagascar, where extinction of tropical biodiversity may be one step ahead the rest of the world.


The Klein Lab

- Study on how teeth and other craniofacial structures form, grow and regenerate.